• Clifford Chen

20 ways coconut oil can help your pets

Ever wonder how coconut oil could also help your best friend?

  1. Improves nutrient absorption

  2. Helps with fur-balls and coughing

  3. Improves immune system

  4. Helps eliminate parasites

  5. Use as a pad conditioner on dogs

  6. Helps control yeast overgrowth

  7. Helps heal cuts and wounds

  8. Helps balance thyroid issues

  9. Helps control body odor cConditions skins and coat

  10. Soothes hot spots

  11. Helps treat flea s and ticks

  12. Helps with weight loss and control

  13. Improves arthritis or other joints and ligament problems

  14. Helps control dry skin and dandruff

  15. Improves or eliminates bad breath

  16. Helps boost energy

  17. Helps with cognitive health

  18. Reduces or eliminates warts and fungal infections

  19. Heals udders on dairy goats and cows

  20. Helps eliminate parasites

Just use a ¼ tablespoon per every 10lbs of body weight twice daily for basic MCT support.

Source pupculturevegas.com

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