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Why grooming is important?

Ungroomed dog, no need anymore!

As a dog owner, we love our best friend no matter what. But, try to see it from our best friend's point of view; dog will feel uncomfortable when he is dirty, with ungroomed or matted hair and he smells!

It can't be comfortable for our best friends. Unfortunately, they can't tell you how they feels, they can put up with being uncomfortable and unhygienic, or you can have your friend groomed regularly to make him happy and comfortable.

Grooming is more than just having him look and feel good; it’s vital for his health.

Its more than just a bath – it includes brushing, combing, keeping his eyes, ears and teeth clean, clipping his nails and keeping him in top shape. Bathing and grooming can also help when your friend is shedding so you have less dog hair everywhere. Yes, your dog loves to play in dirt and roll in the stinky stuff but she also enjoys being clean just like you!

Clean, fresh and cuddly groomed dog

Ungroomed dogs are more likely to be infected by internal and external parasites – fleas and ticks- worst they bring them into the house and onto the furniture, carpets and possibly you! Dirty dogs track dirt into your home. I know we love our dog no matter what, that is even more reason to groom your best friend regularly. So give your dog groomer a call now!!

When your best friend is clean you want your dog around more so you can bond and enjoy each other company.

Happy Dog Grooming!

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