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Frances Palmer -Burgell
Mortimer, Reading

Rachel Lee Aktins
Spencers Wood 

Clifford was brilliant. He spent a very long time with our puppy as it was his first time being professionally groomed. He came back beautifully clean and fluffy, toes clipped, matted fur sorted out and beautiful eyes properly visible the first time in ages. We will definitely be visiting again soon. Highly recommended.

I would like to recommend a new dog groomer in the area. Clifford at Puggles Bath and Groom has done the most beautiful job on my 2 Shih Tzus today, I cannot recommend him enough.  They've genuinely never looked so beautiful & fluffy!  He also has a loyalty card so their 4th Groom will be free! 

Gemma Robinson

Three Miles Cross, Readin

“For all my friends with fur babies. Check out Puggles Dog Grooming. Highly recommend and a fantastic service ”

Vicky Boatman

Shinfield, Reading 

Amazing service! First time grooming my puppy and she looks extremely smart & came out a very happy & excitable doggy. Very personal & relaxed experience. Will be returning again in 8 weeks  

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3 Mays Hill Cottages - Beech Hill - Reading - Berkshire - RG7  1JA

Call 07830 249 472


Mon - Sat:  9am - 5pm  |  Sun: 8am - 1pm

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MAX | Chief Love-Providing Officer (CLO)

This is why we hired him. Max, joined the Puggles Director Board in 2012 as his forever home after serving a short time with the RSPCA. Since Max's arrival, he has increased the love and happiness of our home, his endless, unquestionable love has given tons of warmth and closeness to the family. A perfect CLO who always tries to please everyone and never does anything wrong . His support is never far away at work, he is always there ankle to ankle, lap to lap. As a CLO, he works closely with his colleagues, doing what he does best... Love-Providing. 

PUG | Chief Cuddle Officer (CCO)

 Pug (aka Puggles) joined the board nine months after Max. We loved his CV and decided to head-hunted him from the RSPCA to fulfil the role of the CCO. Pug loves people and he will network with anyone. As an entrepreneur and using his highly tuned CCO skills, Pug is never shy to explore boundaries, pushing his limits to fulfil his desires. Pug has brought unlimited cuddles, love and cuteness to the Brand and we are very pleased with his contribution... Long may continue.

CLIFFORD | Chief Stylist

 After a successful career in retail and marketing, Clifford has hung up his laptop and tie and decided to pursue his passion with dogs. Coming from a dog family background, Clifford has always loved dogs - from King Charles Cavaliers to Westies and from Cockapoo to Spaniels - he has always enjoyed the company of dogs.  Trained as a Level 3 City and Guild Dog Groomer and with qualifications of animal care and handling skills, supported by Dog and Cat 1st Aid qualification, Clifford is well equipped to look after your friend and cater for their grooming needs. 

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